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Sean Fagan Successful at Beating Lethbridge Drug Trafficking Charges Arising from $250,000 Drug Bust

Sean Fagan was successful at securing the withdrawal of all charges against his client who faced a laundry list of drug trafficking charges out of Lethbridge, Alberta that related to significant quantities of:

  • Cocaine
  • Ketamine
  • Psilocybin
  • GHB
  • LSD

This investigation was a joint operation between the ALERT (Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team), the Lethbridge Police Service, and the Blood tribe police that spanned nearly a year. This was a surveillance-based investigation, wherein the police secretly watch and follow individuals to gather intelligence and observations that can be used to apply for a warrant. In this case, they used the observations to apply and secure warrants on at least five different locations. Following the searches of the locations, drugs and weapons were found including:

  • prohibited handgun
  • two shotguns,
  • and seven rifles.

Sean Fagan’s client was charged with a multitude of very serious offences, many of which carried a maximum period of incarceration of life.

It is important to retain a lawyer who is experienced in defending and beating drug trafficking prosecutions. The law surrounding drug trafficking charges is constantly changing and defences that worked last week, may not work next week. The officers and prosecutors involved in drug trafficking charges are good at what they do. The traditional/substantive defence of “it wasn’t mine” is difficult to establish when a person is the sole occupant of a vehicle/house. A defence lawyer needs to be creative and highly experienced in defending drug trafficking charges to identify and challenge the novel drug investigation techniques used by drug cops. Sean Fagan has been involved in the successful defence of hundreds of drug trafficking prosecutions, saving his clients decades of their lives.

In this case, Sean Fagan was successful at beating all the drug charges that his client faced, saving him a very lengthy period of incarceration and serious indictable convictions on his criminal record. Although this was a notable, significant drug bust in the city of Lethbridge, the significance of this drug bust and the result was not uncommon for Sean Fagan’s practice.

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lethbridgeherald news multiple drug charges dropped against accused