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Devlin Gavigan

Devlin Gavigan is an associate lawyer with the Fagans. Devlin graduated law school amongst the top of his class, securing multiple awards and achievements.

Prior to working with the Fagans Devlin worked at a multi-national corporate Law Firm – think SUITS. This was a highly competitive position to secure, and arguably reserved for lawyers at the top of their game. After having a taste for the corporate life, Devlin decided his skill set was best used towards defending individuals charged with Criminal offences. In preparation for a career in criminal defence, Devlin took a rare step and applied for and was chosen for one of the few, highly coveted positions to work as a Clerk for Judges. As a Clerk, Devlin obtained keen insight, and was involved in editing, reviewing, and commenting on Judges’ decisions on criminal cases.

Following his experience with the Court, Devlin became a member of the Fagans. The Fagans do not hire associates often. Devlin made the cut and has continued to be a key member of the Fagan team. Devlin is competitive and wants to win – almost as much as his clients. He will do everything within the confines of professional and ethical obligations to secure the best results for his client.

Devlin defends all criminal charges, from petty theft and impaired driving to drug offences and assaults. Although Devlin accepts criminal files across Canada, his primary geographical scope includes Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, and the outlying areas.

Devlin is called to the bar in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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