Calgary Shooting, Gun and Drug Trafficking Charges Beat by Sean Fagan – Hire The Best Calgary Criminal Lawyer

This police investigation commenced following a complaint of an alleged shooting in a residential neighborhood of Calgary, AB. The Calgary Police Service were successful at locating the residence where they believed the shooter to be present. After securing the area surrounding the residence, the police used the Tactical/Swat team to enter the residence and arrest DM.

The Calgary Police Service uses their tactical unit for high risk take downs as well as to assist in the execution of most warrants on residences. The TAC team is equipped with military grade equipment and are specialists at entering buildings and securing them in a timely manner.

Following the arrest of DM, the police conducted a search, supposedly to secure the residence. The search went well beyond what was required to secure the residence; they searched cupboards, drawers etc. During the searches, drugs and firearms were found and seized.

DM was charged with a multitude of extremely serious criminal offences including:

  • Possession of a 9mm handgun contrary to section 88(1) of the criminal code of Canada.
  • Assault contrary to section 267(a) of the criminal code of Canada.
  • Possess a controlled substance, to wit: cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, contrary to section 5(2) of the controlled drugs and substances act.
  • Possession of proceeds of crime exceeding $5000.00
  • Possession of a firearm obtained by crime contrary to section 96(1) of the criminal code of Canada.
  • Possess of a handgun knowing that they were not the holder of a licence under which they may possess it, contrary to section 92(1) (a) of the criminal code of Canada.
  • Unlawful use and storage of a handgun contrary to section 86(2) of the criminal code of Canada.
  • Possession of an unloaded prohibited or restricted firearm together with readily accessible ammunition that is capable of being discharged in the firearm, at contrary to section 95(1) of the criminal code Possess of LSD for the purpose of trafficking, contrary to section 5(2) of
  • The controlled drugs and substances act.
  • Possession of cannabis for the purpose of selling it, contrary to section 10(2) of the cannabis act.

Some of these offences carried a maximum sentence of life incarceration, and most carried effective mandatory minimum periods of incarceration at the time of the case.

The defence of drug trafficking and weapons offences should be conducted by highly experienced defence counsel. You should sit down with the best criminal lawyer in your area – Sean Fagan typically offers no-fee initial consultations to tell you what you are up against and what can be done about it.

DM retained the criminal law services of Sean Fagan. Sean Fagan has had success at defending countless drug trafficking and weapons offences. In this case, Sean Fagan was successful at beating all charges, saving DM a lengthy period of incarceration and criminal convictions on his record.