Illegal weapons found at YYC airport security – Defence lawyer Sean Fagan ensures charges withdrawn

OVERVIEW: Illegal weapon found at YYC airport security check.

OFFENCE: Possession of restricted weapon

RESULT: Charges withdrawn

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

X.X. arrived at the YYC airport attempting to catch a flight and travel out of province.  Once at the security checkpoint, as is standard practice, X.X. placed his carry on luggage on the conveyor belt to be transported through the X-ray machine.  When the luggage went though the X-ray machine, an airport security officer identified what appeared to be a restricted, illegal weapon in X.X.’s bag.

The security officers took X.X. aside, and searched his bag by hand.  They found found, seized, and confirmed it was an illegal, restricted weapon.  The YYC airport security officers contacted the Calgary Police Service members, who were on duty at the the YYC airport.  Upon arrival, the CPS officers questioned X.X. and again searched his bag, finding a large quantity of currency.

As is often the case,  the officers did not respect X.X.’s Constitutional rights to be secure from illegal search and seizure, to remain silent, and to contact a lawyer without delay.  Fortunately, all of the police officers’ failures were captured on their activated body cameras..

X.X. was ultimately arrested and charged with criminal weapons related offences.  X.X. retained Sean Fagan who has extensive experience defending weapons offences. Ultimately, Sean Fagan was successful at securing the withdrawal of all criminal charges against X.X. without having to schedule a trial, saving X.X. the cost and risk associated with trial proceedings, and sparing him a period of incarceration and a criminal conviction.

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