Calgary Aggravated Assault Charges – no criminal record

Calgary Assault Charges

OFFENCE: Aggravated assault

RESULT: No criminal conviction

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

The Calgary Police Service arrested and charged X.X. with aggravated assault following an allegation from his former common law spouse, who he had recently separated from.  Aggravated assault is a very serious criminal offence, and typically carries with it a lengthy period of incarceration.

It is not unusual for historical allegations of assault to arrises shortly after separation or divorce, especially when there are disputes over finances.  Allegations of violence change the landscape of a family law dispute.  Unfortunately, when individuals become aware of the potential legal advantage that can be gained in a family law or civil law context from an allegation of violence, it is possible that they fabricate or exaggerate allegations.

In this case, X.X. was alleged to have caused serious, permanent, life altering bodily harm to his former spouse.  The allegations were from years prior.

When X.X. was arrested, defence lawyer Sean Fagan was successful at securing X.X.’s release in a timely manner, and without cumbersome release conditions. From there, X.X. retained Sean Fagan to defend this most serious criminal prosecution.  As X.X. was a well respected business man, he had much to lose if a conviction was entered on any criminal offence.

Sean Fagan was successful at shedding light on the weaknesses of the Crown’s case, and ultimately ensured that the matter was resolved without the entry of a criminal conviction.  Sparing X.X. the cost and risk associated with trial proceedings, a period of incarceration, and a criminal record.