Criminal lawyer Sean Fagan dismantles Complex Drug investigation – no criminal record

SUMMARY: Calgary Man charged with multiple firearms offences after a lengthy investigation.

RESULT: No criminal record


Regina v. X.X. – Jan 2021

Charges: 6 firearms related offences and drug related offences

The Calgary Police Service (“CPS”) conducted a lengthy investigation into X.X. for drug trafficking offences.  They expended significant time, man-power, and resources conducting secret surveillance on X.X. over a number of months in an effort to observe him engaged in illegal activities, or activities from which illegal behaviour could be inferred.

The officers used surreptitious tactics, such as trespassing onto private property, use of tracking devices, and magnified viewing into residences, in order to gather sufficient information so they could get warrants to search the locations.

Ultimately, the officers were successful in obtaining warrants to search multiple locations and vehicles.  X.X. was found in one of the residences in close proximity to a loaded, prohibited, illegally imported firearm, as well as a substantial amount of currency.  Drugs were found in other residences as well as body armour and other illegal weapons.

X.X. was arrested and charged with a multitude of very serious criminal offences.  It is important to retain a lawyer for bail immediately. A good lawyer will give you advice to ensure you do not close doors on potential defences down the road, and will ensure that you are released in a timely manner on reasonable conditions. Sean Fagan was successful at securing X.X.’s freedom on bail with reasonable conditions within hours of his arrest.

As X.X. did not have a criminal record, and no surprise, did not want to spend the next few years of his life in a cell, he retained Sean Fagan who immediately assumed conduct of defending these most serious charges.   It is advisable to hire the best criminal lawyer you can afford, as soon as possible, to ensure the preservation of all available defences.  

Ultimately, this matter proceeded to trial, and Sean Fagan was successful at dismantling the Crown’s case, and securing verdicts of not guilty on all firearms related offences.  X.X. did not receive a day in jail, nor a criminal record.