Sucker punch cop – no criminal record

SUMMARY: Calgary Man charged with assaulting a police officer following drunken punch

RESULT: No criminal record


Regina v. X.X. – Dec 2020

Charges: Assault police officer

X.X. was charged with assaulting a police officer.  The allegations were that  X.X., in a belligerent state of intoxication, banged on random doors in a well-to-do neighbourhood in Calgary, AB.  One resident answered the door, and X.X. immediately entered the house and yelled incoherent words and sentences.  X.X. was asked to leave the residence and began arguing with the home owner. The police were called.

The police arrived and found X.X. a few blocks from the residence, still in a state of extreme intoxication.  X.X. was unable to stand still and could not form sentences when speaking with police. X.X. had blood shot eyes and indicated he had been drinking all night. X.X. went on to inform police that he had no idea where he was and just wanted to get home.

The police, in good fashion, offered X.X. a ride home, which X.X  accepted.  When they arrived at his house, X.X. was helped out of the vehicle, given a ticket for public intoxication, and told to go into house.  X.X. then abruptly turned around and walked directly towards the police officer, clenched his fist, and punched the officer.

X.X. was arrested and charged with assaulting a peace officer.  As a man without a criminal record, X.X. intention was to get out of this matter without a criminal conviction.  X.X. retained the legal services of assault lawyer Sean Fagan, who was successful at resolving the matter without the entry of a criminal conviction, saving X.X.  a criminal record, and the cost and risk associated with trial proceedings.