Calgary Shooting charges stayed – Calgary Lawyer Sean Fagan

OVERVIEW: X.X. was charged with many offences related to a shooting that took place in a residential neighbourhood.

OFFENCE: discharge firearm with intent to wound

RESULT: Charges stayed

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

X.X. was alleged to have been involved in a shooting that took place in a Calgary residential neighbourhood.

It was alleged that two people arrived in a residential neighbourhood with a plan to shoot a particular targeted individual.  When the bullets began to fly, the targeted individual is alleged to have started shooting back, and what resulted was two individuals who sustained serious bullet wounds.

Following the gunshots, multiple residents called the police, and a significant number of Calgary Police Service officers swarmed the neighbourhood.  X.X. was in relation to the incident.

X.X. faced serious charges including possession of an illegal firearm, a defaced serial number firearm, discharging a firearm with intent to wound, to name a few. X.X retained the legal services of Sean Fagan Criminal Defence, which has extensive experience in defending firearms offences.

Any criminal firearms related offence typically carries with it an extensive period of incarceration.  Compounded with discharging a firearm with intent to wound, the potential jeopardy increases substantially.

Sean Fagan was successful at ensuring a stay of proceedings was entered. Saving X.X. an extensive period of incarceration and a criminal record.

Retain a criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in defending and winning weapons and firearms related offences.