Break up leads to Sex assault allegations – Charges avoided

  • Type of Charges: Allegations of sexual assault
  • Result: Win. No Charges
  • Win identifier number: 6441
  • Lawyer: Sean Fagan
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Date: 2022

Summary of Allegations:

In this particular scenario, X.X. ended a long-term relationship with his partner, only to face serious allegations made by the disgruntled ex-partner. The police’s tendency to lay charges and leave it up to the courts often renders no aid to the accused, whose reputation is often irreversibly harmed following the arrest. The presumption of innocence may apply to court proceedings, but not to the public court of opinion.

If you are concerned about being charged with any criminal offence, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Our office can provide legal advice to individuals before any charges are laid. It is crucial to consult with a lawyer before speaking to the police since anything one says during police interrogation can be used against them in court. Even well-intentioned or innocent statements may close the doors to possible defences.

Fortunately, in X.X.’s case, they received legal advice from Sean Fagan before participating in a police interview, resulting in the police deciding not to lay charges. This spared X.X. the expenses and reputation damage of a criminal prosecution.