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Contact a lawyer who knows the law and who knows hunting.

Hunting, fishing, and wildlife offences are quasi-criminal in nature. Convictions for these offences can carry significant fines, lengthy suspensions, and possible terms of imprisonment.

It may be difficult to find a lawyer who practices exclusively in the area of hunting, fishing and wildlife law. This is because there are not a sufficient number of people being charged with these offences to support a wildlife defence law practice. However, hunting, fishing, and wildlife charges should be defended in the same manner as criminal charges. So, when you are looking for a lawyer to defend your Wildlife Act and related charges, you should hire the best criminal lawyer that you can afford.

The same dynamics that are at play in dismantling a complex criminal organization prosecution, are involved in defending individuals from wildlife offences.

If you anticipate being charged with a wildlife related offence, it is critical that you talk to a defence lawyer immediately. What you say to the conservation officers, police, border officers, or members of the public could potentially close doors on viable avenues of defence.

If you are a visitor from the United States or other country, the penalties you receive in Canada may impact your ability to hunt in America. Many States will prohibit you from hunting or fishing if you sustain a hunting prohibition in Canada.

The best wildlife lawyers, like Sean Fagan, will not only have experience defending these charges, but have experience hunting themselves. Contact a lawyer who knows the law and who knows hunting. You don’t want to have to explain to your lawyer the dynamics of legal-light, the nature of asking farmers for permission, and the difference between muley and whitetail.

Hunting is a passion. You don’t want to lose your ability to pursue your passion.

The best wildlife lawyers have experience and will treat your matter with the same attention as a serious criminal prosecution.

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