Withdrawing a guilty plea to drug trafficking – success

  • Result: Win. Guilty plea expunged
  • Win identifier number: 3141
  • Lawyer: Sean Fagan
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Date: 2022


Pleading guilty to a drug trafficking offence in Alberta will likely result in a jail sentence. The starting point for a trafficking offence in Alberta for Cocaine is 3 years, for a person without a criminal record.

X.X. pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking offence expecting that he would receive a house arrest sentence. When it came time to be sentenced, He was faced with the irrefutable fact that he was going to be sentenced to jail. X.X. retained Sean Fagan to apply to expunge the guilty plea. X.X. was successful at having the guilty plea expunged, and X.X. ultimately had success at avoiding a period of incarceration.

Get a legal opinion from a lawyer experienced in defending drug prosecutions before you enter a plea of guilty. Defences for these charges are often subtle, and you should be informed of all viable avenues of defence prior to entering a plea of guilty.

If you are unsure, get a second opinion.