Regina v. R.S. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Canmore – August 2016]

R.S. was charged with dangerous driving, refusal to comply with the standard field sobriety test and possession of marijuana. R.S. was purported to have engaged in road rage with another driver. Unfortunately for R.S. the other driver happened to be an RCMP officer driving a civilian vehicle. The officer followed R.S. as he purportedly engaged in dangerous driving behavior. The off-duty officer contacted the local RCMP to perform a traffic stop on R.S.

When the on-duty RCMP officers caught up to R.S., they executed a traffic stop. The R.C.M.P officers purportedly observed the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The officer believed that R.S. was driving while impaired and demanded that R.S. comply with standard field sobriety test. R.S. purportedly refused to comply with the test and was arrested. The R.C.M.P searched his vehicle and found marijuana. Sean Fagan was successful at resolving this matter by the complete withdrawal of the driving charges and the drug charge.