Regina v. K.Q. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – August 2016]

K.Q. was facing two separate drug trafficking prosecutions. K.Q. was on bail and subject to multiple conditions, one of which required K.Q. to abide by a curfew and not to possess more than one cellular phone. Calgary Police Service did a curfew check on K.Q. and determined that he was not home. As they were leaving the residence, they observed K.Q. and arrested him for breach of his bail conditions. K.Q. was searched and was found to be in possession of two cellular phones. K.Q. was charged with 4 different criminal offences. Because K.Q. had purportedly breached his bail conditions before, it made securing his release particularly difficult. Sean Fagan secured K.Q.’s release on reasonable terms the same day. On the day of trial, the Crown conceded the strength of Sean Fagan’s position and withdrew all charges.