Saskatchewan drug charges on the rise

In Legal Articles by Linden Schwark

Saskatoon and Regina have recently experienced a rise in individuals charged with serious drug trafficking related offences. In the news you will see frequent record setting drug busts with substantial quantities of fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine being seized by the Saskatoon Police Service, Regina Police Service, and the RCMP.

Sean Fagan has been retained on a number of recent serious drug prosecutions in Saskatchewan. The nature of criminal prosecutions is that you are not limited to retaining a drug defence lawyer in the region that you are charged. If you are not confident with a lawyer in your area, you can look interprovincially.

Devlin Gavigan graduated from the University Saskatchewan College of law and clerked for the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan. Devlin Gavigan is a member of the Law Society of Alberta and the Law Society of Saskatchewan. 

Sean Fagan graduated from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law and has experience in all levels of trial court in Saskatchewan.

Our law firm practices exclusively in criminal law; however, most of our practice is defending serious drug, gun, and organized crime prosecutions. 

The penalty for these types of sentences is typically measured in years, even for first time offenders. You should hire the best defence lawyer you can afford, and one who has experience successfully defending drug prosecutions.