Liberal gun ban on semi-automatic firearms and handguns

In Legal Articles by Linden Schwark

Between 2020 and 2022, Canadians have experienced substantial changes to the firearm legal framework. What was once non-restricted, may now be prohibited. What was once a family heirloom, may now be a paperweight. What was once a thriving Canadian industry is now a contributor to the lineup for unemployment assistance. 

Being a lawful gun owner in Canada is risky. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and not a defence in Canadian law. As a lawful Canadian gun owner, you are expected to know the laws, rules, and regulations. Every single one of them, and they are complex. 

You cannot expect the police to use discretion in not charging you criminally, simply because you did not know the law. Police have a duty to enforce the law, regardless of whether they agree with it. 

It is critical for gun owners to stay apprised of the ever-changing legal framework surrounding Canadian Gun Ownership. Running afoul of gun laws carries serious consequences. The penalty for unlawful storage, transport, or use of a firearm is often measured in years in prison instead of dollars in fines.

If you are a lawful gun owner, you should have a criminal defence lawyer’s phone number in your pocket, so you don’t waste any time if you find yourself in the crosshair of criminal liability.

What you say or do in the moments immediately before or after encounters with authorities could make the difference between receiving a criminal record and avoiding criminal charges completely. 

You cannot rely on the assumption that you are not doing anything illegal. When it comes to Canadian gun ownership, an action that was legal last week, may now carry a lengthy period of incarceration.

Be prepared. Have a criminal defence lawyer in mind and put his/her number in your contact list.

Sean Fagan