Theft of own exotic car and Insurance Fraud

SUMMARY: alleged to have stolen his own exotic car, and thereafter, committed insurance fraud

OFFENCE: Public mischief and Fraud over $5000.00  (insurance fraud)

RESULT: Charge Dismissed


Regina v. A.C. – May 2018

Charges: Section 140(2) Criminal Code of Canada – Public Mischief

Section 380(1)(a) Criminal Code of Canada – Fraud over $5000.00 (insurance fraud)

It is alleged that A.C. was an intoxicated passenger in this seat of his exotic car, as his girlfriend, acting as his designated driver, drove both of them home.  On the drive home, A.C.’s girlfriend took a corner too sharp and drove directly into a concrete medium.  At first glance, the damage seemed to be minimal, just a flat tire.  Upon further examination in the days that follow, it was revealed that there was significant damage to the chassis of the car.

Rather than report the damage to the insurance company as a collision, it is alleged that A.C. loaded the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, dumped it in a farmers field, and then reported it stolen to the local RCMP.  Thereafter, he made a claim to his insurance company for the full value of the stolen vehicle.   The vehicle was found by the RCMP shortly thereafter and taken to a storage lot.

A year passed, and A.C. was paid out for the vehicle and the claim was closed.  That was until the breakdown of A.C.’s relationship with his girlfriend.  Following their breakup, A.C.’s girlfriend called the insurance company and the RCMP and explained to them that A.C.’s vehicle was never stolen and that A.C. had, in fact, committed insurance fraud.

A.C. was arrested and charged with fraud and public mischief.  Both very serious offences that almost always carry a period of incarceration.  A.C., having been told that Sean Fagan was a top criminal lawyer, retained his services to defend the charges.

On the day of trial, Sean Fagan was successful at securing a dismissal of all charges before the Court.