Regina v. T.S. [Nov 2017] – Obstructing a Peace Officer – Drugs

Section 129(a) of the Criminal Code – Obstructing a Peace Officer

On May 29, 2017, the Lloydminster RCMP responded to a disturbance call at a hotel.  Once on Scene, the Hotel Staff indicated that they had spoken with T.S. on a number of occasions because of his behaviour.  T.S was purportedly loud, drinking in the hallway, and going from room to room bothering other hotel guests.  The RCMP attended to T.S.’s suite and knocked on the door.  T.S. ultimately came to the door where the RCMP members observed that T.S. was wobbly on his feet and could not walk in a straight line.  The RCMP members explained to T.S. that he would be evicted if his behaviour did not change.

The RCMP officers asked T.S. for his birthday and T.S. refused to provide it. T.S. then stepped out of his hotel room and the RCMP officers arrested T.S. for obstruction of a peace officer for failing to provide his identity.  Thereafter, the RCMP officers searched T.S. and discovered drugs in his pockets.  T.S. was charged with obstruction of a peace officer in the lawful execution of his duty and possession of a controlled substance.

T.S. did not have a criminal record so it was imperative to him that it remained that way.  Sean Fagan criminal defence lawyer was successful at having all of the charges before the Court withdrawn without having to schedule a trial date.