Regina v. S.S.C. [February 2017] – Impaired Driving by Drug

S.S.C. was involved in a collision with another motor vehicle. The police were called and attended to S.S.C., who was still positioned in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The officer observed indicia of impairment and demanded that S.S.C. comply with the Standard Field Sobriety Test (S.F.S.T.). The S.F.S.T. is a battery of physical co-ordination tests that take place on the side of the road to determine if the detainee is impaired by a drug or alcohol. S.S.C. agreed to comply. S.S.C. is an elderly lady who suffers from serious medical and psychological conditions, and not surprisingly failed to comply with the physical co-ordination tests. S.S.C. was then arrested for impaired driving by drug and directed to comply with a battery of other physical co-ordination tests at the police station. The police also seized samples of her breath and urine. Not guilty pleas were entered and a trial date scheduled. After multiple appearances at trial, the matter was successfully resolved by a stay of proceedings on all charges.