Regina v. L.C.R. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – April 2017]

L.C.R. was pulled over by a member of the Calgary Police service for having committed a traffic violation. The peace officer advised L.C.R. that he had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in Court from over a decade prior. L.C.R. was subsequently arrested. L.C.R. was completely unaware that he’d missed a court appearance, that a warrant had been out for his arrest for over 10 years, or that he had been charged with the criminal offence of failure to appear in Court. At this point, L.C.R. had a family and a career, lived in a different province, and the last thing he needed was a criminal record. L.C.R. understood that this was a criminal charge like any other and a finding of guilt could prohibit him from traveling over the border with his children. L.C.R. retained Sean Fagan, and he successfully resolved this matter by way of the complete withdrawal of all charges.