Regina v. K.F. [October 2016] – Red Mile Sucker Punch

Section 266 of the Criminal Code of Canada – Red Mile Sucker Punch

K.F. was a patron at a popular bar located on 17th avenue (the “Red Mile”) in Calgary, AB.  The bar’s security team asked K.F. to leave because he was too intoxicated.  K.F. left the bar and appeared to be compliant with security.  However,  as security was standing out front of the bar, K.F. ran up and sucker punched one of the bouncers.  The Police just happened to be the street and observed the aftermath of the assault. The Police chased K.F. down the street and subsequently arrested him. The entire incident was caught on the security cameras at the bar.  K.F. was charged with assault. K.F did not have a criminal record making a positive outcome very important to him.  Sean Fagan was successful at resolving this matter through the complete withdrawal of all charges.