911 Call – Guns

OFFENCE: Gun and Weapons offences

RESULT: All Charges Withdrawn


Regina v. J.B. – March 2018

Charges: Sections  91(1) and 86(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada

Police respond to 911 call and Seize Multiple Firearms

The police responded to a 911 hang-up at a residence just outside of Calgary, AB.  When the police arrived, they discovered ammunition scattered in and around a vehicle. Upon looking in the vehicle, they observed an unsecured gun, which they seized. The police then looked around the house and in the windows and observed the house to be in a state of disarray.  The police, concerned about the safety of the occupants, entered the residence and cleared it for officer safety. Noone was home, but the police discovered a bullet making station and a locked closet.  The police removed the door from the locked closet, purportedly to ensure nobody was inside.  The police discovered a number of other firearms in the closet.  The police ultimately contacted the person they believed to be the owner of the house, and consequently, in possession of the guns, J.B.  J.B. was subject to a firearms prohibition and consequently was charged with offences in relation to same, as well as the improper storage of firearms.  These are serious Criminal Code offences.

J.B. retained defence lawyer Sean Fagan and the matter was scheduled for trial.  On the day of trial, Sean Fagan convinced the Crown of the strength of his position and all criminal charges were withdrawn.