Regina v. H.K. [October 2016] – Arrested while on Bail

Section 145(3) of the Criminal Code of Canada – Breach of release conditions and bail

H.K. was released on a recognizance (a form of bail) for multiple charges relating to two separate prosecutions for trafficking in heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl. One of the conditions of H.K’s release required that he abide by a curfew. Calgary Police Service conducted a curfew check on H.K’s residence and determined that he was in violation of two conditions of his release. The Calgary Police subsequently arrested H.K.

Because H.K. had purportedly breached his bail conditions before and was facing two very serious drug prosecutions, the Crown was vehemently opposed to his release, which made securing H.K’s release particularly difficult. Sean Fagan secured H.K’s release on reasonable terms the same day.