Regina v. C.R.S. [Provincial Court of Alberta – June 2017] – Firearms and Drugs

Firearms offences – Drug offences – Fentanyl –

The Calgary Police Service received multiple complaints from neighbours in relation to a residence in an affluent area of Calgary.  The neighbours also made multiple complaints through SCAN (Safer communities and neighbourhoods act).  The house was purported to have been frequented by unsavoury individuals who were well known to the police.  Moreover, a myriad of criminal activity was alleged to have occurred at the residence including a machete fight in the backyard and frequent drug transactions. An individual was also found deceased at the residence due to a fentanyl overdose.

The police gathered intel and ultimately applied for and received a warrant to search the residence.  The police entered the residence and seized $150,000 of stolen property, a multitude of illegal firearms, ammunition, and drugs, including fentanyl – all very serious offences that carry lengthy periods of incarceration.C.R.S. was charged with 26 criminal offences.

C.R.S retained Calgary drug lawyer Sean Fagan to assume conduct of his matter.  Not guilty pleas were entered, and a trial date was scheduled. Prior to the trial date, Sean Fagan convinced the Crown of the strength of the defence’s position, and the Crown entered a stay of proceedings on all charges, sparing C.R.S a lengthy period of incarceration.