Regina v. I.C.G. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – March 2017]

I.C.G. was intoxicated and causing a disturbance at a local restaurant. The police were called and found I.C.G. in the parking lot. The police, in fairness, repeatedly told I.C.G. to get in a taxi and go home. I.C.G. did not listen. The police then arrested I.C.G. on outstanding warrants and transported him back to the police station. Upon arrival, I.C.G. became belligerent, and he struggled with the police as they removed him from the vehicle. I.C.G. then spit in the police officers’ faces multiple times. I.C.G. was charged with assaulting a peace officer. The Courts treat cases involving spitting very seriously because there is risk of transmitting diseases; consequently, periods of incarceration are the norm. Sean Fagan successfully resolved this matter by way of a conditional discharge, sparing I.C.G. a conviction on his criminal record.