Possession of stole high end bicycle

PROSECUTION: Possession of stolen property over $5000.00

RESULT: Charge Withdrawn

Regina v. R.D. – January 2019

Charge: Section 354 of the Criminal Code

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

K.D. faced a charge of possession of stolen property over $5000 for allegedly being found in possession of a high-end bicycle.  The police were on patrol downtown Edmonton when they observed a person believed to be K.D. riding a bicycle that the officers believed to be stolen.  The officers recognized the bicycle from their daily intelligence briefing at the Police station a couple of weeks.  The officers arrested in the individual for possession of stolen property and confirmed that the bicycle was in fact stolen. K.D. was charged. 

K.D. did not have a criminal record, but had a quite extensive record as a youth.  It is a common misconception that a person’s youth record is destroyed at age 18; it is more complicated than that. If a person with a youth record sustains additional convictions after becoming an adult, it is possible for the youth record to form part of the adult record.  So, it was extremely important for K.D. to resolve this most serious prosecution without the entry of a criminal conviction. 

K.D. retained Sean Fagan criminal lawyer to defend this Edmonton prosecution.  Sean Fagan was successful at securing the withdrawal of the charge shortly after being retained.