Saskatchewan criminal charges – Alleged hit and run followed by Assault

Charges stemming from Saskatoon. Criminal Lawyer Sean Fagan provides successful defence.

Prosecution: Assault

Result: Withdrawn

Regina v. P.J. – Jun 2019

Lawyer: Sean Fagan

Charge: assault

P.J. was charged with assault stemming from a traffic accident that occurred in Saskatoon, SK. It was alleged that P.J., while backing up his vehicle, struck another vehicle. Following the collision, P.J. drove off, not knowing about the collision. The complainant, along with her friend, followed P.J. as he continued to drive away.

Ultimately, P.J. stopped his vehicle at a hotel where the complainant confronted him regarding the collision. Words were exchanged, and P.J. vehemently denied that he was involved in the collision. What followed, according to the complainant, was that P.J. assaulted her.

The complainant called the police, and P.J. was ultimately charged with assault. P.J., a successful business man without a criminal record, retained the legal services of Defence Lawyer Sean Fagan. Notwithstanding these were Saskatchewan criminal charges, Sean Fagan was able to take on the case. The same Criminal laws apply across all Canadian provinces, and consequently, there is no need to limit your search for a criminal lawyer to locally available lawyers.

Sean Fagan attended law school in Saskatchewan and has represented many accused persons all over Saskatchewan. His familiarity with the Saskatchewan court system allows him to successfully represent Saskatchewan accused.

Sean Fagan was successful at securing the withdrawal of the criminal charge, avoiding a criminal conviction and the risk and cost associated with trial proceedings.