High performance car street race accident – charges withdrawn

SUMMARY – Man charged with criminal offences related to street racing fatality



CHARGES: Criminal Driving Offences, fleeing, dangerous driving, street racing.

Y.Y. was charged with a multitude of criminal offences as a consequence of alleged dangerous driving, street racing, fleeing from the police, and other charges which ultimately led to a serious motor vehicle collision and multiple serious injuries. Fortunately, no-one was killed.

Y.Y. along with a multitude of other individuals were all alleged to have been operating high performance vehicles along a major throughway in Calgary, AB.  They were all driving at excessive rates of speed in a fashion that was alleged to be dangerous in the circumstances.  This driving behaviour was partially captured by a police dash cam from a police officer that happened to be driving in the area.  When the officer saw the driving behaviour, he immediately activated his lights and sirens and began to pursue the vehicles.  Shortly thereafter, the officer realized that his standard issue police car was no match for the performance vehicles and he terminated the pursuit.  A short time later, the police officer observed high performance vehicles in the ditch engulfed in flames. Y.Y. was alleged to have been pulled from the flaming wreckage.

People are often surprised to learn that even a person without a criminal record will often be sentenced to a period of incarceration for fleeing from police, even if that person has an impeccable personal history.  The Court treats fleeing from police very seriously. 

Y.Y. understood the seriousness of the charges he faced and immediately retained the services of Sean Fagan.  Sean Fagan was successful at securing the complete withdrawal of all criminal charges against Y.Y saving him a lengthy period of incarceration and multiple criminal convictions.