Computer checks at traffic stop come back to a stolen vehicle

Computer checks at traffic stop come back to a stolen vehicle, following the arrest a prohibited weapon was found

OFFENCE: Possession of Stolen Vehicle

RESULT: Criminal charges withdrawn

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

Regina v. S.C. – September 2018

Charges: Section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada 

Section 84(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada 

Members of the Calgary Police Service were on patrol in the south-west district of downtown Calgary when they observed a vehicle travelling with a license plate that was bent to the point that it was unreadable. The officers conducted a traffic stop and requested the insurance and registration documents from S.C.

S.C. was unable to provide any documents for the vehicle, so the officers conducted computer database checks on the VIN number of the vehicle as well as the license plate. The database inquiries revealed that the vehicle was stolen; and consequently, S.C.was arrested.  The officers searched the vehicle, which revealed a prohibited weapon – –  brass knuckles. S.C.was charged with possession of stolen property exceeding $5000, possession of a prohibited weapon, and a multitude of Traffic Safety Act violations.

S.C. scheduled a trial and planned to conduct the trial without a lawyer. As the old saying goes, a  person who represents himself has a fool for a client. Upon the eve of trial, when S.C.realized the seriousness of the allegations, and acknowledged his limited knowledge of the law, he sought out the assistance of a lawyer.

Although the court system is designed to accommodate self-represented accused persons, and judges go out of their way to assist self-represented accused, the risk of missing viable avenues of defense, or eliminating previously available defences is high.  S.C. realized that he should hire the best Calgary criminal lawyer he could afford.

When Calgary criminal lawyer Sean Fagan took carriage of the matter, he was successful at securing the withdrawal of all criminal charges within under two months. This case demonstrates the importance of retaining a criminal lawyer for the defence of any criminal prosecution. Typically, it is more challenging to overturn a verdict of guilty at the appeal stage than to win a trial in the first instance.

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