Bail for Record Drug Bust – $400K cash, 21 kg of crystal meth

A target of a drug investigation granted bail in a record Saskatoon drug bust

OFFENCE: Possession for the purpose of trafficking – Proceeds of Crime

RESULT: Bail Granted

LAWYER: Sean Fagan

Regina v. W.D. – June 2018

Charges: Section 354 of the Criminal Code of Canada – Section 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

The Saskatoon Police Service seized 4,400 suspected Fentanyl pills, 21 kilograms of suspected crystal meth, 2.4 kilograms of suspected cocaine, and $400,000.00 in cash in what was a record-setting investigation.  W.D was arrested and charged in relation to this investigation. Sean Fagan was successful at securing W.D.’s release within days of arrest, on reasonable conditions well before any of the other targets of the investigation were released.

It is important for you to retain a criminal lawyer to secure your release regardless of what you are charged with, your personal circumstances, or your history with the criminal justice system.  There is NO offence in Canada for which you cannot be granted bail.  Courts in Canada have held that release (bail) should be the norm, not the exception.  Often people will find themselves in a situation where they believe that there is no chance of release and believe it is not worth bringing a bail application. Do not make that decision for yourself. This case demonstrates that bail can be granted even for a record drug bust – very serious allegations.

You are not required to retain a lawyer in the same town, city, or province where you’ve been charged, and often you will not be able to find a local lawyer who instils confidence in you.  Frequently, bail hearings are conducted by way of a telephone conference call. Hire a lawyer who is experienced in successfully defending serious criminal charges. Criminal lawyer Sean Fagan is based out of Calgary, Alberta, but defends criminal charges all across Canada and can be contacted for bail services 24/7 at 403-815-8099.